• Our blog has moved to LawAnswered.com

    18th Mar 2020 by

    We’ve been working on a relaunch of our site over the past few months and are excited to show it off to you! Head to lawanswered.com and take a look around. You’ll see plenty of new blogs to help you out in your studies of the GDL, LLB, LPC and SQE. We have case studies,… Read more

  • Legal Language

    28th Oct 2019 by

    How should you write as a lawyer? Have you seen Jacob Rees-Mogg’s foray recently into providing advice for his team on how to write? Wow, due to his approach a very long list of words are no longer fit for purpose or are unacceptable. (Italics denote phrases or words he has banned). This made us… Read more

  • Brushett v Hazeldean

    7th Oct 2019 by

    Welcome to our new Law Answered Blog. When we’re updating our guides we inevitably have to make judgement calls as to what should be included and what left out. Without doubt individual law schools will sometimes make calls different from ours, but we hope and expect that we’ll be covering most of your courses. Some… Read more

  • Local Authority v JB

    4th Nov 2019 by

    When does Art.8 ECHR go too far? Sometimes, we come across a case which just fascinates us from a moral as well as a legal perspective and we thought we’d share just such a case with you. In A Local Authority v JB Mrs Justice Roberts had to examine restrictions placed on a 36 year… Read more

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